Destination: Lost

Get travelling. Get reading. Get lost.

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When the road is so bad, even the local bus gives up.

The man was chattering away to me in Spanish at the bus stop. Too bad I couldn’t understand a word of it. “Mas lento,” I pleaded but he wittered on. I resigned myself to nodding and laughing when his face erupted into a wide grin. Thinking about it, he was probably telling me that I was a silly girl for sitting out in the hot sun all morning, waiting for a bus that was never going to turn up.

Ometepe Island

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The First Travel Diary I’ve Ever Finished

When I’ve been travelling and holidaying before, I’ve always kept a diary. Sometimes I’ve even written a blog.

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The Warmest River I’ve Ever Jumped Into – Rio Dulce

I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly enjoy Livingston. In fact, I’ve written some rather inelegant words in my diary about the small town, perched on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala. Continue reading