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A Seafood Feast in Caye Caulker

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Definitely one of the highlights of my Central American tour was the dinner we ate at Wish Willy’s in Caye Caulker. All twelve of us crowded around a long table in his back garden and waited as fresh seafood, chicken, pork and vegetables were grilled before us on the massive barbecue. All for $15, platters teeming with delicious smelling yet simple food were piled before us. Continue reading


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Travelling in a Tour Group

Everyone you meet has an opinion about travelling as part of a tour group. Whilst it definitely has it’s negative points and is not for everyone, in general I have a pretty positive attitude towards them. Here’s what I would consider to be the main pros and cons for taking part in group travel.

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The Next Trip: Tucan Travel Cancun to San Jose

I was incredibly lucky to win a £2000 voucher for Tucan Travel in a prize draw they ran last summer. I must stress that from age 17 until now, I have entered nearly every travel competition I have seen. Seriously, the amount of junk email I am sent from companies I once entered a competition with is ridiculous. Not that it effects your levels of luck but you have to be in it to win it, right?

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