Destination: Lost

Get travelling. Get reading. Get lost.

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#Blog4Trek The Second Round + Photos From The Out-takes

You might have seen my post a few weeks ago about what I would pack for a weekend away. That was my entry to Trek America’s search for their next blogger and to win a trip to America. Somehow I made it into the top ten finalists – I guess wittering on about how scared I would be to visit the moon worked!

Now I’m in the second round and we’re about to be cut down to just five bloggers. We were asked to take a photo of something red, white, and blue, in keeping with the all American theme.

It’s been all I could think about all week. Red, white, and blue was starting to creep into my dreams at night. I was spotting that colour combo in so many places I had never noticed before. I had a pretty busy week, what with end of term deadlines approaching, so I made sure to keep my camera on me for any possible chance to take a photo.

It took a lot of deliberating but I decided to go with this photo. It’s taken at the cinema I work at on campus and it was actually from the first set of photos I took. I thought you might want to see some of the others I took as well (I’m a little bit proud of some of them, I never really considered photography or any kind of artistic nature to be one of my strong points. Continue reading