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A not very comprehensive guide to the beers of Central America

Which beer is worthy of gracing your new singlet? Here’s your guide to the beers of Central America.

Now, I’m not an expert beer drinker but between myself and the rest of the tour group, I think we drank enough bottles to be able to tell you what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what the best beer in Central America is. 

For me, there’s nothing I’d rather have in my hand watching the sun go down than an icy, local beer. Beer always screams summer at me. Although you’ll find me with a pint in a pub at home, something about it (okay, the budget price) always makes it my holiday drink of choice. Unless rum is also cheap. Then rum, rum all the time.  Continue reading



What to Pack for a Mystery Weekend Away

It was in the middle of Oxford Street that I broke down.

“Can’t. make. it. any. further. Go on without me. Save yourselves!”

These are not what you pack for a weekend away.  Beautiful black boots cause pain Continue reading

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Review of Times Hostel, Camden Place, Dublin

I stayed at Times Hostel, Camden Place, Dublin for two nights between 3rd and 5th of October 2013.

We were booked into a four bed private dorm with ensuite private bathroom. If I remember correctly, it cost around £16 a night and we booked through Hostel Bookers. As we were travelling to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we’d been torn between a cheap hotel or a hostel, but we were all very happy with our choice.

Times Hostel Camden Place Dublin Continue reading

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Collecting McDonald’s? Or in my case, Via Via cafes.

You probably know someone don’t you? Or maybe you are that person.

There are quite a few people who like to visit a McDonald’s in every place that they go to.

I get it. There’s the familiarity of knowing what to expect when everything around you is different. There’s also the excitement of seeing what is different about them – what different food do they sell? The genius that is McDelivery in Thailand. The Double Big Mac. The novelty of being able to buy alcohol in one. Or just being able to say that you’ve been to a McDonald’s in 20 different countries. Yeah, I get it.

But I don’t do it. In fact, I didn’t think I did anything similar to that at all until I realised this summer, that quite by accident, I’ve been collecting Via Via cafes. 

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I Need Your Help! Tips for Dublin

Next Thursday I’m flying out to Dublin with three of my housemates to celebrate Katie’s 21st birthday. After finding flights cheaper than the train home (£30 return, thank you Ryan Air) we really had no excuse.

Out of the four of us, I’m the only one has visited Dublin before. I was newly 18, travelling with six guys and ate soda bread for two out of three meals a day because I couldn’t afford anything else. It was fantastic but it means I don’t have many ‘girly’ Dublin recommendations.

Temple Bar Dublin

This is where you come in.  Continue reading

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Where to Buy a Camera in Playa del Carmen

If you need to buy a camera in Playa del Carmen, I can suggest a Kodak shop on Av. Benito Juarez, near to the Avenida Quinta, or the Walmart on the corner of 39 Av. Norte and Calle 8 Norte. For any non-American readers who like me, don’t know how Walmart works, I’ll save you frantically looking in your Spanish dictionary as the tech staff tell you where to go. (You can imagine me walking back and forth whilst staring confusedly at my dictionary). You tell the technology staff which camera you would like, they check that they have it in stock and write the number down for you. You then pay at the normal cashiers and take the receipt back to the technology department.