Destination: Lost

Get travelling. Get reading. Get lost.

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One Night in the World’s Most Violent City

I went to the world’s most dangerous city and spent the evening playing Uno.

I only did minimal research before I joined the tour this time. Exams had led me right up to my departure date so I’d only daydreamed of Central America but when I finally got round to a bit of reading and Googling, I could only find one thing about San Pedro Sula, Honduras, – it was the world’s most violent city.

I really mean it. Google yielded no information on the city other than a variety of Daily Mail articles about beheadings. Continue reading



I’m an Advanced Open Water Diver now!

I knew going to Roatan that I wanted to spend quite a lot of time diving. I did also have other plans, namely lying on the beach, eating lots of seafood and exploring the island but they never came to fruition. Instead, I convinced myself to spend three whole days on and off the dive boat , reading my coursebook in hammocks in my spare time, to complete my Advanced Open Water qualification.

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Loving Life on Roatan – Once I’d Stomached the Ride There

I think by now we’ve all realised that my posts about Honduras are going to be full of superlatives. There were the Best Tacos Ever and the Best Mango Chutney ever, well, now I present to you: The Worst Ferry Ride Ever.

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Copán: Day Two

On our second day in Copán we were up early to hit the Archaeological Site before the heat hit us. It’s a short walk down from the town to the ruins, so don’t worry about taking a taxi – unlike Copán, the road is flat and you can’t miss the ruins, just walk straight.

According to Lonely Planet, the city that was at Copán was so culturally developed that it’s often referred to as “The Paris of the Maya World”. It’s clear to see from the amount of hieroglyphics, sculptures and carvings around the site that something special was going on here. Whilst these aren’t the huge, intimidating structures that there are at Tikal, Guatemala, parts of the ruins, like the hieroglyphic stairway, are fascinating. You can even see paint left on some of the stelae although, what I did find confusing was the amount of reproductions, you often didn’t know whether what you were looking at was original or not.

Hieroglyphic stairway staircase Copan Ruinas Mayan Ruins Temples Honduras Continue reading


Copan: The Best Tacos, The Worst Pupusas and Lonely Macaws

I’ll remember Copan, Honduras, for lots of things but it will always be the place where, wait for it, I had the best tacos on the entire trip. (Oh yeah, it was also the place someone nearly got shot, but that’s another story and frankly not as important as my stomach.)

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Coffee, Bagels and Definitely Not for Vegetarians: My Tips for Antigua

I arrived in Antigua with one thing on my mind – coffee.

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I knew anything about Antigua, Guatemala, was from reading coffee bean packets and Starbucks had been brewing an Antiguan blend a few weeks before I had left England. I was excited.

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