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Finally Climbing Volcanoes in Antigua

This was originally a post I wrote for Tucan Travel’s blog, The Chasqui, which you can see here.

As I pulled myself up the steep hill to the next view point, still shrouded in cloud, I wondered really why I was bothering to climb this volcano at all.

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Coffee, Bagels and Definitely Not for Vegetarians: My Tips for Antigua

I arrived in Antigua with one thing on my mind – coffee.

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I knew anything about Antigua, Guatemala, was from reading coffee bean packets and Starbucks had been brewing an Antiguan blend a few weeks before I had left England. I was excited.

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Climbing Temples at Tikal National Park

I don’t know what time we went to bed after The Chicken Drop but I do know that had to pack at 5am, still drunk. Still drunk when we had to cross the border to Guatemala at 6am and slightly hungover for the drive to Tikal.

Tikal was beyond worth it. 

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