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What to Pack for a Mystery Weekend Away


It was in the middle of Oxford Street that I broke down.

“Can’t. make. it. any. further. Go on without me. Save yourselves!”

These are not what you pack for a weekend away.  Beautiful black boots cause pain

Oh, they look all innocent now. Oh, they look like boots sent from leather wielding gods. Oh, they should have been £140 but were actually the bargain, low, low price of £39.99. But these boots, you see, these boots want to burn the soles of your feet off. They want to dig holes into your ankles. For a weekend away, do not pack these boots.

Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest. So what do you pack for a weekend away? That’s what TrekAmerica has asked, anyway.

TrekAmerica, you are being coy aren’t you? A weekend away where?

My first assumption was that it might be a weekend away on some kind of a top secret mission and that’s why you can’t tell me the location (naturally). Somewhere like….the moon! *



Why are you sending me to the moon TrekAmerica? Whhyyyyy? I’m terrified of Space.

Well first off, I guess I’m going to need some location specific clothing. I’ll be on the moon so it’ll be a big white astronaut suit and a helmet. I don’t own any of these – I’m hoping this mixing bowl might pass as a helmet as I don’t think my fish would enjoy being vacated from his fish bowl.

"I really hope we cleaned all the pancake batter out of this"

“I really hope we cleaned all the pancake batter out of this”

I hope though that NASA will provide me with all the correct clothing. That’s the thing about packing. Unless you really are going to the middle of nowhere – the Moon, the jungle etc. – you can pretty much safely assume that if you forget something, you will be able to buy it. It’s one of the biggest things that causes you to overpack – yes, surprisingly people do exactly the same daily things in every country, you will be able to buy shampoo/toothpaste/plasters/socks.

As I’m going to be so much closer to the sun, I think I’ll make sure I pack some sun cream. There is some stuff I would definitely recommend bringing from home and sun cream is one of them. Not every country has the same rules on SPFs and some unregulated shops have been known to sell counterfeit creams. Even if you don’t burn to a crisp at even the mere mention of anything less than SPF 25, you must have seen the prices at the shops near the beach. Supply and demand, and all that. I dread to think of the prices at the gift shop on the moon!

Finally, TrekAmerica, if you do insist on sending me into Space for this weekend away, I’m making damn sure I take my phone. (You can read my debate about mixing technology and travelling here) If I’m going to conquer all my fears and stand on the moon, looking down onto Earth, I’ll be taking a selfie. #moonface

*Disclaimer: I might have just finished watching Gravity when I wrote this post….


Author: Kirstie

A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

7 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Mystery Weekend Away

  1. Funny stuff, thanks for the laugh

    Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 19:25:13 +0000 To:

  2. This was brilliant, your writing is hilarious!

    Georgina at

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