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Finding Activities in Granada, Nicaragua

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…and doing none of them.

Granada Nicaragua

I had a long list of stuff planned for my few days in Granada, Nicaragua. I even wandered down to a tourist office to book some of them. I got there, sat down in a wonderful rocking chair, took one look at the brochure folder and decided to forget the whole plan.

I’d thought that I would spend every spare moment in Central America hiking my way up volcanoes. But climbing Pacaya in Antigua, Guatemala and Cerro Negro in Leon, Nicaragua had taught me that I wasn’t as fit as I thought. I’d self sabotaged my ‘relaxing’ stay on Roatan by doing an Advanced Open Water diving course (up at 6:30am to dive and still insisted on socialising until the early hours).

I was ready to crash and burn.

Just as well the hotel’s garden had some hammocks to catch me.

When I wasn’t in a horizontal state, swinging in a hammock, I was dodging the daily downpours on my way to grab some more street food. There are great stands in the central park and the roads surrounding it, especially when the market is on.

Grandmas pull up their rocking chairs and sit in the doorways, just out of the rain. They chat the evening away, occasionally laughing when I lost a flip flop to yet another puddle.

The most taxing thing I did was practice my Spanish in a pharmacy, in the hope they could cure my sudden deafness in one ear.

On my daily trips down to the square I always made sure to stop and poke my head into one particular building on the opposite side to the cathedral. Every evening latin music would blare out and I could see all the bodies swaying away inside from across the square. About twenty young Grandians were in there every evening, perfecting their salsa, bachata and merengue. I’m pretty sure it was the Academia de Baile as mentioned in The Lonely Planet should anyone be braver than me and want to join in.

The Euro Cafe Granada Nicaragua

For food other than street food, I can recommend The Garden Cafe for yummy, wholesome food (detox out that tequila) and advise against the food at the Euro Cafe which was pretty underwhelming (but they have table tennis, so you win some, you lose some).

As for things to do, I can’t personally recommend anything but I did hear from friends who took a taxi out to Laguna de Apoyo that it was well worth it. It’s supposed to be beautiful!


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A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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