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Review of Times Hostel, Camden Place, Dublin

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I stayed at Times Hostel, Camden Place, Dublin for two nights between 3rd and 5th of October 2013.

We were booked into a four bed private dorm with ensuite private bathroom. If I remember correctly, it cost around £16 a night and we booked through Hostel Bookers. As we were travelling to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we’d been torn between a cheap hotel or a hostel, but we were all very happy with our choice.

Times Hostel Camden Place Dublin

Upon check in we were all given our own key and a green slip of paper, which included the wifi password and the address of the hostel. We were told to keep it on us at all times and be prepared to show it in case our identity was in question. We were only asked to show it once, when we were creeping in from a bar crawl. The front door was locked at night so your key opened that as well as the dorm room.

There was a reasonable size common room with a few sofas, chairs and table and a TV, along with all the usual board games. For a common room, it seemed the most unsociable place in the world but that’s not a fault of the hostel, rather the sad fact of staying in hostels nowadays where everyone is consumed by wifi.  However, maybe if the wifi was better in the dorm rooms, people could be antisocial there instead.

You walk through the common room and the kitchen to get to the majority of the rooms. Downstairs there was also a toilet and shower that anyone could use, which is thoughtful seeing as check out is at 10:30 am. There’s a sign in the common room with details of any events the hostel are hosting that day.

Our dorm had two bunkbeds which were as comfortable as bunkbeds can be. Each bed had two plug sockets which is useful. The room wasn’t huge and if we had brought anymore than hand luggage I think we would have struggled with space but there was enough room for us all to sit on the floor and get ready/drink/eat.

The private bathroom was quite large and the shower was powerful. The whole wall was a mirror which was definitely the best part of the room! Four girls getting ready in a dorm room can be quite a mission so it helped that there was enough room for us to all do our makeup at the same time. There were no plug sockets in the bathroom though or even near it, so all hair styling had to be done blind.

My favourite part of the hostel was the kitchen. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the cleanest hostel kitchen I have ever encountered. The surfaces positively gleamed! It was huge, had dishwashers, a massive oven and hobs, and three big fridges. There was free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash available 24/7 as well as free breakfast before 10 am. On Saturday they made pancakes! So much better than stale bread and cereal.


The hostel was quite central, being only around a fifteen minute walk from Temple Bar and ten minutes from Grafton Street. It was easy to find and get to from the airport, the bus drops you just over the road.

The staff were very helpful and informative. Their restaurant recommendations rock! Watch out for some restaurant reviews from me because I ate like a king for those two nights and days.

Overall, Times Hostel was good value for money compared to the same standard of a cheap hotel and it’s kitchen has to be seen to be believed!


Author: Kirstie

A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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