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Loving Life on Roatan – Once I’d Stomached the Ride There

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I think by now we’ve all realised that my posts about Honduras are going to be full of superlatives. There were the Best Tacos Ever and the Best Mango Chutney ever, well, now I present to you: The Worst Ferry Ride Ever.

Roatan Honduras West End

We took the ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan having already been warned that it would be wise to take sea sickness tablets if you normally needed them. I’ve never suffered from any kind of travel sickness (I think it’s my body’s way of making up for not letting me sleep whilst travelling) but oh my goodness, the one hour and ten minutes on that ferry were the most nauseating of my life. This is coming from the girl who used to sit happily with her packed lunch whilst all her classmates puked the whole way to France.

Okay, so maybe the title of The Worst Ferry Ride Ever is a bit of an exaggeration, the ferry was huge, reasonably comfortable and the staff gave out sick bags without you even asking (I’m assuming they’re specially trained to spot the green faces). Entertainment came in the form of trying to watch the telly in first class through the door that separated us, a homophobic rant from a bible clutching woman and staring as hard as possible at the horizon, willing the whole bloody thing to just be over already. I couldn’t comment on the toilets as poor fellow tour passenger, Evelyn, ran in there ten minutes into the journey and didn’t leave until we docked.

The ferry back, by the way, was completely plain sailing. Guess it’s just down to how angry Neptune is feeling that day.


We stayed at the Seagrape Plantation Resort in West End, which is also where I did my Advanced Open Water Diver course (Post about that here!). Have you ever heard of Seagrapes before? I’m still yet to try one. We had rooms in a single storey block situated in the centre of the hotel’s gardens, but there are beautiful looking bungalows that face the ocean. The gardens were so tranquil, after a long day diving it was so blissful to kick back in a shady hammock.

Although the hotel is right on the Caribbean shore, it doesn’t have a beach. Rather, a deck reaches out over the rocky outcrop if you fancy a snorkel or you can take a dip in the small pool. The sun set right in front of us whilst we enjoyed our beers at the pool.

Seagrape plantation resort Roatan Honduras West End

That first night, those of us who had overcome the seasickness headed off to do something as equally stomach churning. The Cannibal Cafe’s Three Burrito Challenge. Yes, I watched three grown men attempt to eat three of the biggest burritos I have ever seen and for the second time that day, I had to see someone throw up.


The boys had been talking tactics all day. I guess this is what all those hours of watching Man Vs. Food has lead to. They had to eat one of each flavour, beef, fish and chicken within the hour time limit and if they succeeded, they received their £20 dinner for free.

The first burrito went down quickly. The second one was fish and it slowly started to claim it’s victims until Tim was the only man left standing.

Three Burrito challenge cannibal cafe roatan honduras

Three quarters of the way through his third burrito, he was definitely faltering. You would think that once you’ve eaten so much you are physically sick you might want to stop eating, but after a judge’s ruling that he “hadn’t seen him vomit so it didn’t matter” (Ahh got to love that island attitude), Tim got stuck right back in.

Three burrito challenge roatan honduras cannibal cafe

He wiped the plate clean and held it victoriously above his head. I had no idea you could be so disgusted by a person and gain so much respect for them at the same time. Yep, Roatan was going to be fun.


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