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Unusual Things I Do Miss About Travelling

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Okay, so I have a confession. When I wrote 10 Things I Definitely Don’t Miss About Travelling to make myself feel better and get over the travel blues, I actually managed to think of lots of things I do miss. There were plenty of instances where something I thought would niggle at me was in fact an enjoyable part of my trip. So I made a note of all these little things and here they are, the unusual things I miss from my trip to Central America.

The humidity. I know this was on my list of things I don’t miss, but it did have some benefits. My hair is flat as a pancake but the humidity gave it a little bit of a wave. I also used way less moisturiser than I would ever need in the dry, harsh air of England.

Rice and Beans. I thought it was a pretty nutritious breakfast actually. There might be a few bookmarked recipes sitting on my browser right now…

Dodgy music. Especially being played really loud on buses. Reggae or power ballads are my personal favourites. I didn’t really sleep on chicken buses (why would you want to when there’s so much to watch going on around you) so it never kept me up. It did keep me entertained though and trundling along a Belizean highway with the music full blast, doing a little wiggle in my seat is a special memory for me. Party bus!

The simplicity of living out of a backpack. I say this as I try to pack my bags back up for university. So far I’m on my third suitcase, not counting the boxes downstairs and I’m cursing at my need to have SO MUCH STUFF. Only two months ago I was quite content with 70 litres worth of backpack space. I could pack it up in five minutes (tested when I had to be woken up five minutes after we were supposed to leave…oops). Everything had a place, I knew what I had.

Backpack backpacking travelling

Dancing with my shoes off. You even motion at your shoes in a bar here and the bouncer will be over quicker than you can say flip-flop.

Dancing in a bar full of prostitutes. The story goes: We were looking for a good time on a Sunday night and in the area we were staying in of San Jose, Costa Rica, there weren’t that many bars open (apart from sports bars – there seemed to be lots of them). We’d known from previous research that there was one place which was notorious as a bit of a hang out for prostitutes. We turned up and there was a live band, so we stayed. It became pretty clear that we were the only customers who weren’t either soliciting or purchasing and it was hilarious. Going in my favourite compliments folder is a prostitute telling me my dancing was “romantic”.

Yes, that is what some people call dancing.

Yes, that is what some people call dancing.

Really good rum. Okay, so maybe that one isn’t that unusual.

Not caring that my hair looked like this. Maybe other people were offended by the general state of my hair, I wasn’t. (I kind of am now)

bad hair travelling backpacking

What are the unusual things that you miss about travelling?


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A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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