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Copán: Day Two

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On our second day in Copán we were up early to hit the Archaeological Site before the heat hit us. It’s a short walk down from the town to the ruins, so don’t worry about taking a taxi – unlike Copán, the road is flat and you can’t miss the ruins, just walk straight.

According to Lonely Planet, the city that was at Copán was so culturally developed that it’s often referred to as “The Paris of the Maya World”. It’s clear to see from the amount of hieroglyphics, sculptures and carvings around the site that something special was going on here. Whilst these aren’t the huge, intimidating structures that there are at Tikal, Guatemala, parts of the ruins, like the hieroglyphic stairway, are fascinating. You can even see paint left on some of the stelae although, what I did find confusing was the amount of reproductions, you often didn’t know whether what you were looking at was original or not.

Hieroglyphic stairway staircase Copan Ruinas Mayan Ruins Temples Honduras

It was also cool to see the ball court. When we visited Tikal we were shown where they thought the Maya had played ball games, but Copán has an actual structure for you to visualise grand games in.

ball park copan ruinas maya mayan temples ruins honduras

There were stunning views across the valleys from some of the buildings.

Copan Ruinas Honduras ruins mayan maya temples view

I think I preferred Tikal in Guatemala overall but it was my first ever Mayan Ruin (and you always remember your first, don’t you?) and the historic importance of Copán is definitely a good enough reason to visit, even if you are feeling ruined out.

Not only did we manage to beat the heat of the day by visiting the ruins early in the morning, we also luckily missed the downpours of the rest of the day. The torrential rain let up just long enough to think that a horse trek might be a good idea and we returned from that smelling of wet horse, soaked through and covered in mud.

A trip to Twisted Tanya’s was just what we needed to warm up and chill out that evening. After the previous evening’s pupusa disaster we thought we were due some more “western” style food. The food at Twisted Tanya’s was amazing. I know that I keep claiming that the food in Copán was the best ever but the mango chutney that came with my curry was THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD. Everyone else at the table stole it from me even if it didn’t go with their dinner, it was that good.

Garnel ran through the short menu, explaining nearly every ingredient and how each dish was made. It made choosing a dish so much harder – he made everything sound so delicious. It was a pricey meal, especially compared to the other places in Copán, but it was so worth it. I also have it on very good authority that the brownies were out of this world.


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