Destination: Lost

Get travelling. Get reading. Get lost.

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Top Tips for a Cheap, Girly Weekend in Dublin

A few weeks ago, my housemates and I flew to Dublin to celebrate Katie’s 21st birthday. We did it in style and on a budget and I think it was very successful.

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One Night in the World’s Most Violent City

I went to the world’s most dangerous city and spent the evening playing Uno.

I only did minimal research before I joined the tour this time. Exams had led me right up to my departure date so I’d only daydreamed of Central America but when I finally got round to a bit of reading and Googling, I could only find one thing about San Pedro Sula, Honduras, – it was the world’s most violent city.

I really mean it. Google yielded no information on the city other than a variety of Daily Mail articles about beheadings. Continue reading


I’m an Advanced Open Water Diver now!

I knew going to Roatan that I wanted to spend quite a lot of time diving. I did also have other plans, namely lying on the beach, eating lots of seafood and exploring the island but they never came to fruition. Instead, I convinced myself to spend three whole days on and off the dive boat , reading my coursebook in hammocks in my spare time, to complete my Advanced Open Water qualification.

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Collecting McDonald’s? Or in my case, Via Via cafes.

You probably know someone don’t you? Or maybe you are that person.

There are quite a few people who like to visit a McDonald’s in every place that they go to.

I get it. There’s the familiarity of knowing what to expect when everything around you is different. There’s also the excitement of seeing what is different about them – what different food do they sell? The genius that is McDelivery in Thailand. The Double Big Mac. The novelty of being able to buy alcohol in one. Or just being able to say that you’ve been to a McDonald’s in 20 different countries. Yeah, I get it.

But I don’t do it. In fact, I didn’t think I did anything similar to that at all until I realised this summer, that quite by accident, I’ve been collecting Via Via cafes. 

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Loving Life on Roatan – Once I’d Stomached the Ride There

I think by now we’ve all realised that my posts about Honduras are going to be full of superlatives. There were the Best Tacos Ever and the Best Mango Chutney ever, well, now I present to you: The Worst Ferry Ride Ever.

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