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Copan: The Best Tacos, The Worst Pupusas and Lonely Macaws


I’ll remember Copan, Honduras, for lots of things but it will always be the place where, wait for it, I had the best tacos on the entire trip. (Oh yeah, it was also the place someone nearly got shot, but that’s another story and frankly not as important as my stomach.)

It is a long drive across Guatemala from Antigua, but Copan is only 10Km from the border. The rain properly struck for the first time and we took shelter in a restaurant called Picame and less than an hour after entering Honduras I was eating probably the best tacos I will ever eat. I couldn’t tell if I’d completely lost my appetite or if the plates are just too huge in Central America, but I’d been struggling to finish any meal for a while. This was one I genuinely was upset that I couldn’t finish. Fresh avocado just improves any dish, doesn’t it?

Copan is pretty quiet, slow paced and its cobbled streets are particularly photo worthy. They are a bit of a danger in the rain though – I did spend more than my fair share of time on my bum, flip flops didn’t turn out to be the most appropriate footwear choice. Tuk tuks race around the roads and we grabbed a few to take us up the road to Macaw Mountain – a park for rescued exotic birds.

Tuk tuk ride Copan Honduras

A guide was included in our ticket and it was definitely worthwhile. Whilst I think I’ve probably seen all the birds they care for at the park before, I didn’t actually know much about them. Did you know that macaws mate for life? I think I’ll always feel sad for any parrot I see on its own now. Apparently when they rescue a new macaw they have to try and see if the bird has already had a mating partner by pairing it up with another one, but a lot of the time they get stuck in the ‘Friend Zone’!

Macaw Mountain Copan Honduras

From the best food all trip to close to the worst – for dinner we all tried pupusas. They’re made from thick corn tortillas (I mean really thick) and are filled with any mixture of meat, beans and cheese. They look like thick pancakes. It’s not that they were bad, they just didn’t really taste of much. The restaurant we were in offered about 20 different combinations for about 50p a pupusa. I never acquired a taste for the thick corn tortillas so I struggled with that. I ordered three pupusas, all different but I found it hard to tell the difference between any of them. What I did love though, was the cabbage and beetroot pickle/slaw that came with them. I lapped that up! It might just have been that restaurant, anyone a fan of pupusas out there?


Author: Kirstie

A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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