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The First Travel Diary I’ve Ever Finished


When I’ve been travelling and holidaying before, I’ve always kept a diary. Sometimes I’ve even written a blog.

Travel diary Destination:Lost

This diary above is technically the second one. The first one I wrote when I was 9 on a family trip to Florida. It mainly contains doodles and “We went to the beach. It was fun and then we had ice cream.”

But this second one was my first grown up one. This one contains the unfinished tales of Peru. It also contains the unfinished tales of Thailand, Indonesia and then gives up before I even made it to Singapore. To be fair, I filled it up and then never got around to buying a new notebook.

When you’re emailing different groups of people (guess who gets an edited version? hehe) and updating a blog, once you get around to writing a diary it can feel like you’ve told those stories three times already. However hard it had been to keep the diaries flowing, I was determined that this time around I would actually see one all the way through. Re-reading the old, half finished ones really made me realise their true worth and every time they stopped abruptly I was a little bit gutted that I couldn’t relive those memories.

I did it! (*Cue gasps in awe of this amazing feat) Here is the first ever travel diary that I have finished.Travel Diary Destination:Lost

Okay, so I spent most of the time writing a week behind and had to write the last week and a half at home, after my pen ran out and I never bought a new one, but I did it.  All 33 days documented; I didn’t give up. My fellow travellers fell by the wayside. Their diaries languished, forgotten, at the bottom of their backpacks. They made comments like “You’re not still writing that thing?!

Look who’s laughing now.

It’s actually turned into the most valuable resource for when it comes to writing this blog. A quick flick through and I’m instantly transported back to that moment, my honest, first impressions of a place or country preserved. It’s the little anecdotes about conversations, food I ate or the names of people I met that make it special. Add a little bit of hindsight, Lonely Planet and internet research, I can write a post knowing that I’m not just relying on my memory.

Travel diary handwriting Destination:Lost

I can’t wait to re-read it in ten years and cringe.

Do you keep a travel diary?


Author: Kirstie

A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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