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I Need Your Help! Tips for Dublin

Next Thursday I’m flying out to Dublin with three of my housemates to celebrate Katie’s 21st birthday. After finding flights cheaper than the train home (£30 return, thank you Ryan Air) we really had no excuse.

Out of the four of us, I’m the only one has visited Dublin before. I was newly 18, travelling with six guys and ate soda bread for two out of three meals a day because I couldn’t afford anything else. It was fantastic but it means I don’t have many ‘girly’ Dublin recommendations.

Temple Bar Dublin

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Copan: The Best Tacos, The Worst Pupusas and Lonely Macaws

I’ll remember Copan, Honduras, for lots of things but it will always be the place where, wait for it, I had the best tacos on the entire trip. (Oh yeah, it was also the place someone nearly got shot, but that’s another story and frankly not as important as my stomach.)

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10 Things I Definitely Don’t Miss About Travelling

When you’re full of the travel blues and looking back over your holiday photos with rose tinted glasses, it can be hard to remember that sometimes, just sometimes, there actually are some crappy times when you’re away. Here’s my list of what I don’t miss from my trip in Central America this summer, in an effort to convince myself that, yes, I would much rather be sat inside on a rainy September English day.

Grumpy traveller Destination Lost Kirstie Dyke

Possibly the only picture of me looking grumpy whilst travelling in existence…

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Coffee, Bagels and Definitely Not for Vegetarians: My Tips for Antigua

I arrived in Antigua with one thing on my mind – coffee.

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I knew anything about Antigua, Guatemala, was from reading coffee bean packets and Starbucks had been brewing an Antiguan blend a few weeks before I had left England. I was excited.

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