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An Unexpected Highlight of Belize: The Chicken Drop

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We returned from our day caving at the ATM caves and I found I was locked out of my room. The tribulations of tour life, eh? I did what any other sensible person would do in Belize, settled down into the hotel’s gardens, Belikin in hand and waited with the iguanas until everyone else had finished getting ready for dinner.

Drawn in by the colourful décor, stomach rumbling smells and the happy tunes of reggae, we picked out Flayva’s bar and grill straight away. We gained new friends before even the first round had been bought, most notably an old rasta fella who claimed it was his birthday. We sang him Happy Birthday – probably the 7th time he’s heard it this year!

Photos of Flayva's Bar & Grill, San Ignacio
This photo of Flayva’s Bar & Grill is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Stuffed and many beers down we started to wander up the road, in search of another bar to finish our night at.

The minute I saw the sign “Chicken Bingo – Wednesday nights” I knew we had found the perfect place.

The slogan? “Win A Crap Full of Money!”

I dragged everyone inside with the promise that it was my round anyway. Buying our numbers from a shady looking table at the back of Mr Greedy’s Pizzeria, we were still none the wiser as to how Chicken Bingo (or The Chicken Drop as it’s known elsewhere in Belize) actually worked. All anyone would tell us is that the chicken “chose” your number, which was on a 10×10 square painted onto the street.

With no idea how to tactically pick a number, Gareth preceded to buy up half the remaining numbers and was so determined to win he tried bribing the keeper of the chicken. It was probably the actual chicken he should have been bribing.

Chicken bingo, chicken drop Belize San Ignacio

Crowded all around the bingo square, there was a rumour that the chicken had to sit down on your number to win. Thank God that isn’t how the game is actually played, we’d have been there all night. I made friends with two little girls and we conspired to try and attract the chicken over to our numbers by cooing and clucking at it. (I’d had plenty of beers, my chicken impression was down!)

All this was in vain. The chicken keeper arrived, held the chicken aloft in the Simba Lion King pose and threw it onto the board. We all cheered and screamed at the poor bugger. The terrified chicken promptly crapped on the first square it landed on.

Chicken bingo chicken drop belize san ignacio

Lucky number 13.

The winner got “A Crap Full of Money” (get it?), the takings from the whole bingo game. Our group, even Gareth and his enormous supply of numbers, walked away dejected and penniless.

It was one of the funniest evenings we had in Belize.


Author: Kirstie

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