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I Saw 4 Weddings in 15 Minutes in Playa del Carmen

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So, in true Kirstie catastrophe style, I managed to break my camera on only the second day of my month long trip through Central America. It involves the sea and a not-so-waterproof waterproof case, but the outcome was an unhappy camera lens. Alas, all of the following photos are not mine but I will carefully give credit to all photographers.

Instantly I found Playa Del Carmen a lot more attractive than Cancun. The beach wasn’t as big but it was more peaceful and relaxed. The large nightclubs were still there but they seemed a little more inconspicuous. There’s shopping abound to satisfy any keen credit card swiper and everything is very walkable, which I appreciated after my 40 minute jaunt along a steaming highway in Cancun.

As we were staying a few blocks back from the beach, more in the centre of town, I spent most of my time on the beach directly in front of the main street of shopping 5 Av. Norte or Avenida Quinta as it’s also known. This was definitely where the locals would hang out of an evening. The beach was fairly quiet until around 4pm, when everyone would descend and I would look jealously at their coolboxes full of drinks.

Speaking of 4pm, that seemed to be prime “getting married time”. I took myself off on a walk to the right hand side, towards the big beach front hotels and walked by three weddings all within ten minutes of each other. I do find it strange that the couples don’t mind strangers in speedos in the back of their wedding photos, because believe me, everyone who could watch was gawping away. On my walk into town I saw my fourth wedding of the day, at the beautiful  little church, Nuestra Senora del Carmen. It sits at the top of a small park/square that leads down to the beach.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants to satisfy you along Av. Quinta, the pedestrian only, 2 mile long street. I can vouch for 100% Natural, a chain across Mexico, at which I ate both a hangover satisfying lunch and a good dinner.


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A 23 year old day dreamer. I don't think the travel bug ever bit me, I think it was passed down in my genes.

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